06.28 - 06.28

Stage 1 Evaluation Meeting

09.27 - 09.27

Stage 2 Jury Session

09.29 - 09.29

Exhibition Press Conference

09.30 - 11.06

Competition Exhibition

* The schedule may be subject to change


"Hoowave Resilient Township and Waterfront Landscape Design International Competition" intends to break through traditional river engineering design, introduce innovative ideas, and hope to establish a demonstration model of river design aesthetics through the perspective of resilient planning, which includes a design blueprint for the overall concept, and integrate existing cultural resources. In order to cooperate with local urban development, continue the historical and cultural context of the sugar industry, create a vision of waterfront stitching that integrates "water and safety", "water and environment" and "water and culture", inject new energy into Huwei Town, and create a unique Charming waterfront resilient town with charming riverfronts.

water and safety
water and environment
water and culture

Stage 1

Domestic or international tenderers submit tenders individually or jointly.

TWD Up to 5 shortlist

Stage 2

Foreign tenderers that pass Stage 1 evaluation but without the permits of ROC are in the joint tendering with domestic tenderers. Tenderers that are not selected in Stage 1 evaluation may be the joint tenderers or subcontractors of other selected tenderers in Stage 2.

Awarded with the contract
1,200,000 TWD
800,000 TWD