Hoowave Resilient Township and
Waterfront Landscape Design
International Competition

07.04 - 09.12 Stage 2 Submission Deadline

2022.09.30 - 2022.11.06

Competition Exhibition


TWD Up to 5 shortlist


Awarded with the contract
1,200,000 TWD
800,000 TWD


In order to bring innovation to traditional water conservancy projects that focus on flood control of watercourses,” Hoowave Resilient Township and Waterfront Landscape Design International Competition” intends to optimize the spatial landscape, humanistic beauty, landscape ecology, and local revitalization of water conservancy projects and their surrounding areas through comprehensive and cross-field design integration, to build an amenity-oriented environment and amenity space. By breaking through the traditional thinking of watercourse management, this project intends to solve local problems or regional development bottlenecks relating to water by design thinking and design innovation. It also attempts to build a resilient city that co-exists and creates with water, integrating “water and safety”, “water and environment” as well as “water and culture”, and an aesthetic paradigm of surrounding areas of rivers to promote the riverbank stitching development vision of Taiwan.

water and safety
water and environment
water and culture



Hoowave Stage 1 Result Announcement

Review On the Regulation Planing of Beigang River,Huwei River,Sandie River,Shigui River,Dahukou River